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Aromatherapy massage is considered one of the most pleasant of all.

The combination of relaxation massage techniques with the use of natural essential oils, allows you to achieve the effect of maximum relaxation, while soothing the body and mind for various types of discomfort.

Essential oils - for massage dissolved in natural oils, affect both the sense of smell and nerve endings - effectively cope with  with a state of stress, pain, tension and positive influence on the condition of the skin.

When should you opt for an aromatherapy massage?
Aromatherapy is a procedure that almost anyone can safely undergo - it is a safe form of relaxation, allowing to quickly eliminate the feeling of mental and physical fatigue and adding energy.  Particularly, the aromatherapy massage is recommended at:


  • ailments related to menstruation - for example in the alleviation of PMS,

  • ailments associated with the menopause period,

  • feeling of constant fatigue and tension - physical and mental,

  • high level of stress,

  • problems with falling asleep,

  • the need to balance energy states,

  • pain complaints,

  • feeling of internal unrest,

  • changing emotional states,

  • situations of increased physical effort - in intense workouts or exhausting physical work.

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