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Although Chinese cups are associated primarily with healing effects allowing for recovery, they also find other uses.  

The massage performed with them helps to improve the appearance of the figure.

What is the Chinese cupping massage?
Chinese cupping massage is a method that involves the use of vacuum suction of the skin and tissues beneath it.
The treatment begins with lubricating the body with a special oil.  Then the specialist puts the bubble to the selected point on the body and the pressure.  In this way, a negative pressure is created, thanks to which the bubble is sucked into the skin.
One session usually lasts 15-30 minutes.  In the case of larger parts of the body, its duration may extend up to 60 minutes.

Who can undergo a Chinese cupping massage?
Chinese cupping massage is not just a healing effect.  It has a positive effect on the appearance of the figure, allowing you to get rid of imperfections.  It also has relaxing properties, bringing relaxation.

Chinese cupping massage allows:


  • reduce cellulite (at any stage of advancement),

  • speed up metabolism,

  • improve blood circulation,

  • get rid of unnecessary toxic substances,

  • reduce back pain,

  • reduce muscle tone.

Anti-cellulite massage with a Chinese bulb
Chinese cupping massage works like lymphatic drainage.  It improves blood circulation, speeds up metabolism and removes excess toxic substances.  Thanks to this, it is possible to accelerate fat burning processes and visible reduction of cellulite.  The cells become much better nourished, which is the effect of increasing the flow of nutrients.  Edema also becomes smaller, thanks to improved circulation and lymphatic system function.

Frequency of the procedure
How often one should undergo a Chinese cupping massage depends primarily on the purpose of the treatment.  It is recommended, however, to repeat in series of 10-20 treatments - not less than three days.  After that, only preventive massages are enough - preferably once a week.

Contraindications to Chinese cupping massage
Chinese cupping massage, if performed by an experienced specialist, is 100% safe.  However, it is worth being aware that there are several contraindications to the procedure.
From the massage (regardless of its purpose) should abstain:


  • people struggling with fever of unknown origin,

  • cancer patients,

  • people suffering from infectious diseases,

  • pregnant women,

  • women during menstruation,

  • people over 80,

  • patients with haemophilia,

  • people with cervical complexion,

  • people suffering from varicose veins.

Before starting the procedure, it is worth consulting with a doctor, whether a specific disease is not an obstacle to carry out a Chinese cupping massage.

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