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Massage Therapy

Classic massage is one of the most popular forms of massage with a very wide range of applications.  This form of therapy can be used both for therapeutic purposes - inter alia in diseases of orthopedic or neurological nature, as well as to stimulate, loosen or strengthen muscle tissue.  It is used primarily in the treatment of motor organs - it is considered one of the most effective forms of therapy in this area.

Classical massage can be holistic, which means that the masseur deals with all parts of the body - from the feet to the neck.  It can also focus on a specific part of the body - e.g. the back and neck or legs - depending on the recommendations of the doctor or physiotherapist.  Properly made - has a beneficial effect on the body, stimulating tissues, regenerating muscles, or improving blood circulation.

How is a classic massage performed?
Classical massage should be done by a professional masseur or physiotherapist - a person who knows both techniques and techniques in conducting these procedures both in theory and in practice.  Appropriate application of massage techniques - with the right pressure and speed makes the patient feel better, and his pain, motor and other ailments are reduced.

The techniques used alternately during a classical massage are:


  • stroking,

  • kneading,

  • grinding,

  • extrusion,

  • shaking

  • patting,

  • vibration,

  • passive movements.

The masseur uses them in the right sequence, gradually stimulating the tissues and reducing the tension of the muscle parts.  The treatment takes about 15-30 minutes to 1.5 hours.

What are the indications for classical massage?
Classic massage can be used in many diseases and ailments.  This procedure is especially recommended when:
orthopedic injuries - for physiotherapy after:

  • sprains, fractures, sprains and contusions of bones and joints,

  • torn and upset tendons,

  • contractures, paresis and paralysis - e.g. after a stroke,

  • deformities of the spine,

  • intense sports training and other intense physical exercise.

Skillfully performed massage will help reduce pain, relax and improve well-being.

Classic massage - contraindications
Among the general contraindications to the use of classic massage, you can calculate ailments such as:


  • menstruation and being pregnant,

  • hypertension,

  • increased body temperature - exceeding 39 Celsius degrees,

  • varicose veins and inflammation of the veins,

  • skin changes - for example, highly disseminated purulent spots,

  • the presence of hematomas or the risk of bleeding.

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