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Massage inside the mouth.
The name of the massage comes from the Latin words trans - through
and buccalis - cheeks. The technique of this massage consists in
kneading facial tissues from the oral cavity and the outer part of the
cheeks. The effectiveness of the treatment is so high that not only
movie stars who want to improve their beauty, but also people after
accidents, strokes or strokes use the transbucal massage.
The results of transbucal massage
The therapy of rejuvenating and restoring optimal facial muscle tone
was born in France over 20 years ago and immediately moved doctors
and dental rehabilitators.
The massage was supposed to relieve muscle tension, help with
contractures, trismus and paresis, and restore the elasticity of deeply
located structures. Through appropriate pressure and massaging of the
cheeks from the inside and outside, it restores the youthful oval of the
face. Deep muscles in the area of cheeks, nose and lips become more
flexible, and wrinkles become significantly shallower. The eye enlarges
optically and the eyelids lift. The appearance of the second chin is also
reduced, the corners of the mouth and cheeks rise, so the face looks
younger and friendlier.
As a result of kneading, the skin is better oxygenated and slightly pink,
and the face becomes firmer, the skin gains youthful elasticity. The
technique of using the tongue, and thus the diction, also improves,
which is why artists often use transbucal massage before performances.
Since after the treatment you can clearly feel the relaxation of tension,
the frequency of migraine pains also decreases.
Indications for transbucal massage
Transbucal massage is used in medicine and cosmetology. The
indications for the treatment are mimic wrinkles, neurological symptoms
of increased facial muscle tone, and even facial muscle paralysis after
cerebral palsy or stroke.
Massaging improves the comfort of life after accidents that left scars on
the face. People who experience cramps, tension, tingling while eating
and talking or clench their teeth while sleeping come for the treatments.

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