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Hot Stone Massage

If you feel tired and weak, you have enough of excessive stressful situations - stone massage is the best solution.  The combination of relaxation techniques and healing properties will quickly put you on your feet - you will regain energy and perfect well-being.

What is the effect of massage using stones?
Hot stone massage works physiotherapistically. Restores efficiency to damaged organs, and at the same time promotes rest and regeneration.  Thus, it increases the body's exercise capacity.
Its effect is to relieve all kinds of muscle pain and nervous tension pain.  It perfectly supports the circulatory system, improving its functioning.
Massage with stones is based on the theory of energy flow through the body.  It is believed that energy centers called chakras are located in it - each is in the immediate vicinity of one of the endocrine glands.  The stones are arranged in accordance with the maps of the distribution of energy points and moved along the meridians, i.e. the channels connecting the points.  In this way, the flow of energy is improved.

What effects does a stone massage give you?

Stone massage is a wide spectrum of activity.  It has a beneficial effect on the skin, muscle tissue, cardiovascular and lymphatic system, nervous system.

  • Subjecting yourself to a massage with stones, you can count on:

  • improvement of skin nutrition,

  • increasing skin elasticity and firmness,

  • improving the muscles' ability to exercise,

  • acceleration of muscle regeneration after physical activity,

  • improving the cardiovascular system,

  • reduction of swelling,

  • alleviating the effects and symptoms of stress,

  • full relaxation and relaxation.

The treatment itself, combined with essential oils and pleasant music, reduces the nervous tension.  After the procedure, the patient leaves rested and in a great mood.

Who should undergo a hot stone massage?
Hot stone massage is a treatment of wide application.  Therefore, there are many indications for its conduct.  The most important ones include:


  • overweight and obesity,

  • neuroses of the psychogenic type,

  • post-traumatic conditions,

  • rheumatic diseases,

  • constipation,

  • some neurological diseases,

  • states after stroke,

  • recovery period after a long-term illness.

Contraindications for massage with stones
Although massage using hot stones is safe and non-invasive, there are several contraindications to this treatment.
If you:


  • have a fever,

  • suffer from infectious diseases,

  • undergo acute inflammation,

  • are struggling with cancer

  • suffer from blood clots or phlebitis,

  • are a pregnant woman,

  • are struggling with decompensated heart defects,

  • suffer from bone fragility,

  • have to give up a stone massage.


 In many cases, you can undergo surgery when you return to full health or fitness. To be sure that the condition is not an obstacle to massage, it is best to consult a doctor.

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