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It brings solace and full relaxation, and at the same time supports the proper functioning of the body.  Massage with bamboo has a beneficial effect on the mind and body.  It is worth to undergo treatment to achieve satisfactory results.

What is the bamboo massage?
Bamboo massage is a massage that stimulates deep tissue.  Performed with the help of special bamboo poles, relaxation and healing works.
Warmed sticks roll muscle, which leads to their immediate loosening.  At the same time, the circulation of blood and lymph is stimulated and all pain is relieved.
Whole body massage usually starts at the feet.  Then the masseur gradually moves up: up to the back of his neck - all this to finish again on the feet.  Depending on the part of the body being massaged, poles of different length are used.

Why bamboo?  

It turns out that it has a number of valuable properties, and very rarely causes allergic reactions.  It does not irritate the skin while acting antibacterially.  An additional advantage is the fact that bamboo sticks are a wealth of silicon compounds, and as a result they act as strong piezoelectrics.  Rubbing and rolling on the skin leads to the creation of an energy potential that gives a powerful boost of energy. The massage therefore also relieves fatigue.

What effects can you expect?
The bamboo massage works on the body as a whole.  It allows to obtain a state of complete relaxation, regeneration and revitalization. By relaxing, it reduces nervous tension, improves mood and relieves depression - positively affecting the psyche.
It allows you to increase the elasticity of the skin, as a result of which contributes to the modeling of the figure.
The effect of the massage is also reduced to improve lymphatic and venous circulation and to increase the flexibility of muscles and tendons.

When is it worth to undergo a bamboo massage?
Bamboo massage is distinguished by a wide range of applications.  It is especially recommended in the case of:

  • excessive stress,

  • fatigue,

  • worsened feeling,

  • headaches,

  • back pain,

  • muscle pain,

  • deteriorating skin condition.

In addition, bamboo massage, increasing the flexibility and firmness of the figure, allows you to get rid of cellulite.  During the massage there is a stimulation of the blood and lymph circulation, as a result of which unsightly clumps and inequalities disappear.

Contraindications for bamboo massage
Massage with bamboo is safe.  Nevertheless, there are several contraindications that preclude surrender.
These include:

  • diseases with inflammation,

  • enlarged lymph nodes,

  • tendency to hemorrhage,

  • pregnant

  • cancers.  


For the sake of your safety and to eliminate any risk, it is worth to provide information about possible diseases before proceeding with the procedure.  Then the specialist will determine if the disease is actually a contraindication to the massage.

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