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Massage Stones

Massage with herbal stamps comes from Thailand and has more than 400 years of tradition.
It is primarily characterized by a relaxing and therapeutic effect. During the massage of the whole body the patient becomes relaxed, senses and the soul are soothed.  The formula of the herbal mixture used during the treatment is of great importance here.  

It contains: turmeric, lemongrass, ginger, cinnamon, lime, and many more.  All these components are selected so that their smell and properties affect the skin and mood of the patient in a proper way.  Thanks to this, herbal stamp massage works aromatherapeutically, relaxing and stimulating the senses.
Among people who used herbal stamp massage, opinions are flattering. They emphasize that this is a treatment suitable for all those who need relaxation, as well as the relaxation of muscles and joints, as well as improving circulation and stimulating metabolism. Massage with herbal stamps also has an analgesic effect and greatly affects the condition of the skin - moisturizes and nourishes it, and also improves its firmness and color.  The massage can be carried out as a separate session or as a supplement to other treatments.  You can do it individually or in series.

Description of the procedure
Massage with herbal stamps is performed by a qualified specialist - masseur, physiotherapist,  cosmetologist.  The punches used by them during the treatment are a mixture of aromatic herbs, fruits and spices, wrapped in cotton material.  The stamps are heated in oil and then used to make a massage.  Its course adapts to the needs of individual patients.  At first the pressure is gentle and slow. However, when the punch temperature drops, the masseur performs stronger and more intense pressures.  Thanks to this, the active substances contained in the herbs and fruits in the stamps are released and absorbed into the skin.  Massage with herbal stamps lasts from 30 to 60 minutes.  Immediately after it is recommended a short rest in the warmth.

Massage with herbal stamps is used in people:

  • stressed;

  • working in a sitting position;

  • tired;

  • with depression;

  • with dried skin that needs hydration and greasing;

  • obese;

  • with cellulite

Massage with herbal stamps should not be carried out in people:

  • pregnant;

  • during menstruation;

  • allergic to herbs used in punches;

  • with skin diseases and open wounds;

  • with dermatitis;

  • with fractures and sprains;

  • with silicone prostheses;

  • suffering from varicose veins;

  • having problems with circulation.

Side effects
A properly made herbal stamp massage does not leave any side effects. 


Frequency of treatments
Massage of this type is effective after the first treatment.  Among the   people who have tried, what is the massage with herbal stamps, the opinions, however, are that the procedure should be repeated many times.  The high frequency of the massage allows you to keep its effects for a long time.  It's good to know that a one-off treatment has a relaxing effect.  However, when it is performed in series, you can significantly improve the condition of the skin, including reduce cellulite

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