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Head Massage

The purpose of a relaxing massage, according to the name, is to calm the body and put it in a state of relaxation.  This is an excellent form of therapy for almost everyone that allows to:

  • reduce muscle and nerve tension,

  • relax the mind,

  • get a feeling of complete relaxation and reduce stress.

Therefore relaxing massage is useful both in states of physical fatigue - for example after prolonged sporting effort and mental fatigue - after a hard day at work or experiencing a stressful situation. It is a very gentle treatment, conducted in a calm atmosphere that allows the patient to break away from the problems and fully relax.

What effects does a relaxing massage give you?

What effects does a relaxing massage give you? In addition to the relaxation effect, a relaxing massage is beneficial to many aspects of the body's work:

  • enabling relieve pain - works well, after injuries, and supports, during rehabilitation after accidents,

  • improve metabolism - accelerating the process of burning unnecessary fat,

  • improve the blood supply to the body - ensuring the expansion of the capillaries and preventing the formation of venous thrombi,

  • stimulate the lymphatic system - helping to quickly remove toxins from the body and strengthening our immunity.

How is a relaxing massage performed?
Relaxing massage can take the form of a holistic massage - covering all parts of the body from the feet to the neck, or concentrating on one or several parts of the body - for example on the neck and back, legs or spine.  There are many techniques that are used during this procedure. However, massages, gradually increasing pressure and tension, apply:


  • stroking - it usually starts and ends with a massage, acting relaxing and expanding,

  • kneading - improving the blood supply to tissues,

  • gentle rubbing - allowing to reduce swelling and deposits,

  • patting the edge of the hand or the whole hand - to stimulate blood circulation.

Movements during this type of massage are smooth and slow - thanks to this, the massage gives the patient a chance to enter a state of relaxation.

When should you opt for a relaxing massage?
This treatment is recommended primarily to people who are struggling with:

  • insomnia

  • chronic fatigue and a sense of lack of energy,

  • long-term stress,

  • feeling of muscle tension,

  • nervous hyperactivity.

Properly carried out treatment will cleanse the mind and body and restore harmony and inner peace.
Relaxing massage is a safe procedure and there are generally no contraindications to its use.  In case of doubt, however, consult a therapist or doctor before starting this form of therapy.

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